Windows Tinting

Detailing Steps

Step 1

Our window tinting service begins with a personalized consultation where our experts understand your needs and preferences. We present a variety of tint options, ranging in shade and performance, ensuring you select the perfect match for your vehicle.

Step 2

Before applying the tint, we meticulously clean the windows to remove any dirt, dust, and oils. This step is crucial for ensuring a smooth and flawless application, allowing the tint film to adhere perfectly without bubbles or imperfections.

Step 3

Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art tools to cut the tint film to the exact dimensions of your windows. The film is then carefully applied, ensuring a seamless fit. We use a precise method to remove any air bubbles, ensuring a smooth and even finish.

Step 4

Once the tint is applied, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the quality and clarity of the tint. The vehicle is then allowed to sit for a specified curing period, allowing the tint to set properly. We provide you with care instructions to maintain the tint’s longevity and performance.

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